EaselJS Book Review: Instant EaselJS Starter

Editor’s note: The Author of the book ‘Instant EaselJS Starter’ by PACKT Publishing, Fabio Biondi, is a friend of mine and I also did the technical reviewing for the book. However, I want to state that I do not get any money from any of the book’s sales.

So today I’m making a small book introduction on the book Instant EaselJS Starter by PACKT Publishing, written by Fabio Biondi.

The main goal of the book is to provide the most basic information needed to instantly start creating nice looking HTML5 canvas-application. The techniques explained in the book have no special attachment to “gaming”. Continue reading

CocoonJS AudioPlugin for SoundJS

PLEASE USE THE UPDATED VERSION OF THIS PLUGIN IF YOU ARE WOKING WITH SoundJS 0.5.2 // CocoonJS 1.4.7 at http://indiegamr.com/soundjs-0-5-2-audio-plugin-for-cocoonjs-1-4-7/

Again a small, but hopefully helpful file: CocoonJSAudioPlugin.js
As the native SoundJS-Plugins: WebAudioPlugin.js and HTMLAudioPlugin, don’t seem to go hand in hand with CocoonJS (yet?) I took the time and wrote a CocoonJSAudio-Plugin based on the HTMLAudioPlugin, may this be of help to someone.

Download: CocoonJSAudioPlugin.js

How to use: Just put the CocoonPlugin as the first entry to register and you can use everything else of the SoundJS-library just as is in CocoonJS now.

Quickfix to enable touch of EaselJS-DisplayObjects in CocoonJS

So while on the Stage touch is working for EaselJS in CocoonJS, it is currently not possible to touch individual EaselJS-DisplayObjects in CocoonJS. I wrote a quick fix for that, in case anyone else needs it.

Download: easeljs_cocoonjs_touchfix.js

(updated version to work with EaselJS 0.7+, thx to Jonny)
How to use: Download JS-fix and implement it through a script-tag somewhere after the EaselJS-script-tag and your done!

Hope this helps someone, comment for any issues,cheers!

If you use an older version of EaselJS: easeljs_cocoonjs_touchfix_pre_0.7.js (for pre-EaselJS 0.7)

EaselJS CodeCompletion for SublimeText2

Today I was trying to scrape the EaselJS-Classes for their public methods and properties to generate an EaselJs-CodeCompletion for SublimeText2. I had some difficulties getting a unified set of information for each method/property because the code does not seem to be consistently documenten. But well, here’s the result: It’s far from perfect but it works. Please feel free to fork it and help to make it better.

Github: https://github.com/olsn/SublimeText2-EaselJS-Completion


“Can you make that loading screen stay longer?”

Or in other words: When everything that can be wrong with a client is wrong! – The client had already made a couple requests that seemed odd or made no sense in my eyes, but this one really sums up the nature of this client in one word.
I’m currently working on a Phonegap App and the client’s latest request was to add a loading-screen to the app(not for initial loading), so we added a loading-screen.
We didn’t think that one was necessary, but okay…the client wants a loading screen, so he gets one. Don’t get me wrong here, it’s not a splash-screen, it’s really just a loading-screen: a white screen, that says “loading…”
But it didn’t stop there: When he saw the thing implemented his reaction was like: “It dislays for less than a second, that makes the loading-screen seem kind of pointless. Can you make it stay longer?”

Long story short: This is probably the most senseless piece of code I have ever written and most likely will ever have written: