EaselJS CodeCompletion for SublimeText2

Today I was trying to scrape the EaselJS-Classes for their public methods and properties to generate an EaselJs-CodeCompletion for SublimeText2. I had some difficulties getting a unified set of information for each method/property because the code does not seem to be consistently documenten. But well, here’s the result: It’s far from perfect but it works. Please feel free to fork it and help to make it better.

Github: https://github.com/olsn/SublimeText2-EaselJS-Completion


15 thoughts on “EaselJS CodeCompletion for SublimeText2

    • Hm, when did you download it?
      During the first 20h after I opened the repository there was an error preventing me from pushing the correct completion-file, but if you downloaded it today, that should be fine.
      Also make sure that you choose the correct syntax, you have to choose: ‘JavaScript EaselJS’, not just ‘JavaScript’ – I have to see if I can activate it for both syntaxes.

      Hope that helps, cheers!

    • Oh, or do you mean just all the constructors do not work?
      …somehow they got lost, I’ll fix that asap!

      edit: Just pushed a fix for most missing Constructors&Static methods to github, check it out to see if it works now.


  1. Hey there, yeah it was the missing constructors – sorry for my poor description – but now it works! Thanks very much, this will be really useful


  2. Any way to just use the code-completion and not syntax highlighting?
    I’m writing in coffeescript so want to keep my coffeescript syntax highlighting, but would still love to use the easeljs code-completion.

    • yes, just open the JavaScript-EaselJS.sublime-completion and adjust the second line:
      “scope”: “easel-source.js”

      you can either change the scope or add an additional scope like this:
      “scope”: “easel-source.js source.coffee” (I believe that ‘source.coffee’ is the scope-name for coffeeScript)

  3. Hello there!

    I really like the colours in your code highlighting theme. Is it custom or a modded monokai downloadable from … ;-?

    • it’s Monokai Bright – I think that came packaged with Sublime – if I remember correctly, if not you can find it at Google ;-)

    • I rarely upgrade working applications on my systen – so: I haven’t tested with Sublime3 yet, but I could imagine that it should work just the same way

  4. My javascript complete not working. I copy the folder to ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packagese I use the syntax easerjs but its not work. Please, help me. Thanks.

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