Removing Ads from Windows8 Apps

Two days ago I upgraded to Windows8 (Thank you Microsoft for your MSDNAA Platform!)
And to my suprise I actually like it a lot, especially the ease of installing applications through the Windows 8 Store. However what I didn’t like was that most free apps feature ads now, it’s pretty much: “Buy the app or get annoyed by ads!”
For this article I will be using the Windows8 version of the twitter-client named “metrotwit” – sorry to the folks at Pixel Tucker for using your app to illustrate this ‘issue’! But metrotwit is a great, beautiful and slick looking client and I can only recommend using it!
[Edit: I do admit that my original intention was to see if I could remove ads, but this article is not supposed to just show how to remove ads, it’s more like a call for attention that the new system is not secure at all by illustrating the ease of modifying (almost) any app!]

So I did a little searching to see if I could locate the app and modify it, those were my steps how I removed the ads:

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