SoundJS 0.5.2 Audio Plugin for CocoonJS 1.4.7

I just updated the CocoonJSAudioPlugin.js to work with SoundJS 0.5.2 and CocoonJS 1.4.7

Download: CocoonJSAudioPlugin

How to use: Just put the CocoonPlugin as the first entry to register and you can use everything else of the SoundJS-library just as is in CocoonJS now.

Playing the same sound multiple times parallel/overlapping: You will have to set the maximum number of parallel sounds in the register-method:

Quickfix to enable touch of EaselJS-DisplayObjects in CocoonJS

So while on the Stage touch is working for EaselJS in CocoonJS, it is currently not possible to touch individual EaselJS-DisplayObjects in CocoonJS. I wrote a quick fix for that, in case anyone else needs it.

Download: easeljs_cocoonjs_touchfix.js

(updated version to work with EaselJS 0.7+, thx to Jonny)
How to use: Download JS-fix and implement it through a script-tag somewhere after the EaselJS-script-tag and your done!

Hope this helps someone, comment for any issues,cheers!

If you use an older version of EaselJS: easeljs_cocoonjs_touchfix_pre_0.7.js (for pre-EaselJS 0.7)

EaselJS CodeCompletion for SublimeText2

Today I was trying to scrape the EaselJS-Classes for their public methods and properties to generate an EaselJs-CodeCompletion for SublimeText2. I had some difficulties getting a unified set of information for each method/property because the code does not seem to be consistently documenten. But well, here’s the result: It’s far from perfect but it works. Please feel free to fork it and help to make it better.



EaselJS Pixel Perfect Collision Detection for Bitmaps with Alpha Threshold

I just finished the first version of a pixel perfect collision detection for EaselJS Bitmaps and BitmapAnimations.
Get it from Github:

Here is an example (play around with the alpha threshold and toggle the detection mode):