Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey

I have been very busy recently and I am now starting to catch up with the blog and everything. On that note: I’ve released an Update to my ebook to make it compatible with the latest version of EaselJS 0.7.1 – the update is free for anyone who purchased the book, and for everyone else: the price is still the same ;-)

But the reason for this post is that I want to write about another indie game that friends of mine are currently developing called ‘Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey’.


Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is a hybrid motion game, using the PlayStation 4 Eye camera® and the Dualshock 4® controller simultaneously. The game is currently being developed by Grandé Games for the PlayStation 4. The genre can be described as “Yoga-Action-Platformer”. The player is shaping the platforms with his body silhouette, which is captured and isolated by the PlayStation 4 Eye camera. Furthermore, the player has to fit his silhouette into given shapes and thus perform energetic space Yoga figures. The Dualshock 4 controller is used to control Commander Cherry in a classic platformer manner.

My thoughts

I had a chance to play the game myself and while it is still in a very early stage, I could already see the fun this game could bring, especially when playing with two or more people, trying to create specific shapes. As I said the game is still in a pretty early stage though, but if you liked what you saw, give those guys a thumbs up, share it, or follow them on twitter. I’m certainly excited to see more.