13kb html5 multiplayer

This week I’ve finished my entry for the JS13k Compo – a competition for HTML5-games with a size<=13kb (zipped) - my entry is a multiplayer-game, kind of like "Plants vs. Zombies" for two players. And I'm very proud of my accomplishment of keeping the size of server+client combined down to 12kb (zipped) You can check out the source-code at: https://github.com/olsn/qmarks

or play it here: PLAY HERE

It even works on the iPad!

Some screenshots:

EaselJS Book Review: Instant EaselJS Starter

Editor’s note: The Author of the book ‘Instant EaselJS Starter’ by PACKT Publishing, Fabio Biondi, is a friend of mine and I also did the technical reviewing for the book. However, I want to state that I do not get any money from any of the book’s sales.

So today I’m making a small book introduction on the book Instant EaselJS Starter by PACKT Publishing, written by Fabio Biondi.

The main goal of the book is to provide the most basic information needed to instantly start creating nice looking HTML5 canvas-application. The techniques explained in the book have no special attachment to “gaming”. Continue reading

CocoonJS AudioPlugin for SoundJS

PLEASE USE THE UPDATED VERSION OF THIS PLUGIN IF YOU ARE WOKING WITH SoundJS 0.5.2 // CocoonJS 1.4.7 at http://indiegamr.com/soundjs-0-5-2-audio-plugin-for-cocoonjs-1-4-7/

Again a small, but hopefully helpful file: CocoonJSAudioPlugin.js
As the native SoundJS-Plugins: WebAudioPlugin.js and HTMLAudioPlugin, don’t seem to go hand in hand with CocoonJS (yet?) I took the time and wrote a CocoonJSAudio-Plugin based on the HTMLAudioPlugin, may this be of help to someone.

Download: CocoonJSAudioPlugin.js

How to use: Just put the CocoonPlugin as the first entry to register and you can use everything else of the SoundJS-library just as is in CocoonJS now.

Why I dismissed DynamoDB And Redis in favour of MongoDB

As I was writing some time ago¬†about how I’m utilizing redis (redistogo) and amazon DynamoDB as a well performing combination of two services for my facebook-app ZeroPilot. I have to decided to drop this system and use MongoDB via MongoLab as a heroku-addon.

Why the change

1) From the beginning on I was not to certain about using DynamoDB – since DynamoDB is a very fast and very reliable db-system I wanted to give it a try. However, DynamoDB has some (in my opinion irritating) flaws. For example all numeric values will be saved and typed as ‘BigNumber’ so in Ruby e.g. before you can really work with the values from the db you have to cast them to integer or any other type that suits your needs. Also there was no way (yet?) to export data through the AWS console, also there was no way to edit data, only recently a feature was added to view data inside a table.
Continue reading