Coming up with new App ideas

Here are some thoughts on the current App ‘situation’ and how the next generation of apps might or could look like by taking ideas from old/bad apps:
(NOTE: In this article I am NOT talking about Games or Gaming Apps, for those it looks kind of different)

Let’s face it: “There is an app for everything!” – However looking at the two major App Stores, iTunes and Play, there are serveral types of apps.
Now the division of those apps are not backed by any statistics and are only based on my perception of the appstores and my experience browsing through the stores:

 Type Description Percentage
  A Apps Quality/Polished Apps, developed by backed/bigger companies 20%
  B Apps Niche Apps by ‘small’ developers/indie devs that do generate some revenue 15%
  C Apps Innovative/Useful Apps that are either unknown or badly executed 20%
  D Apps ‘Crappy’ Apps that are either badly executed, a bad copy of another A-App or have just no real use whatsoever 45%

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Retro Style Platform Runner Game for mobile with EaselJS (Part 4) – adjusting to mobile displays

The 4th part of my series on creating an EaselJS-Game is about adjusting the game to different display-sizes, which is very important when targeting mobile devices. To visualize, what the result is going to look like – I added the following two iframes, to demonstrate how the game adjusts to a different screen-/stage-size.

Open this in a new browser-window and see how it adjusts to your window-size as you reload the page after resizing the window.
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Retro Style Platform Runner Game for mobile with EaselJS (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of my tutorial on How to create a Runner Game for mobile with EaselJS – in this part i’m going to cover the collision-detection between two objects in EaselJS.

Types of Collision Detection

There are several types of collision detection methods, I’m going to explain two of the most commong ways to detect a collision – if you want more/detailed information on the subject I would encourage you to google for it or try this article as an introduction to the topic.

1) Distance Based- or Circle-Collision

This is probably the simplest type of collision detection. What you basically have to do is to set a collision-radius for each object, then calculate the distance between the objects and see if the distrance is lower than the radii combined. However the following image shows, that this kind of detection won’t be suitable for our platform game:

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Retro Style Platform Runner Game for mobile with EaselJS (Part 1)

Editors Note: The tutorial is a little bit outdated now, but it still works. However if you would like to learn more on this topic and get a more detailed verison plus all the extras and resources, you should check out my ebook: From Zero to the Appstore – Blueprints for an HTML5 Game.

Here I’m starting a series of 4 articles on how to create a small game with EaselJS that “can” run on your mobile device (unfortunately it won’t run on all mobile devices) – however I also plan on a future posting on how to use technologies like cocoonJS to create a WELL-PERFORMING native app from this.

The FINAL result

The result is going to look similar to this (but with better code!) – In case you take a look at the source-code: This is NOT a good example on how to code cleanly – I did this as a quick mashup to try out a few things. – You can also do another jump, while in the air:

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