Retro Style Platform Runner Game for mobile with EaselJS (Part 3) – adding movement & more collision

So this is going to be Part3 of my series on creating a retro style platform runner game for mobile devices. Originally I wanted to write about adding animations in this part, however I rethought the who whole part and find it more suitable to first add some movement and make the collision detection complete, as it is still just a very basic algorithm in the previous part.

So this is going to be the result of this part:

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Retro Style Platform Runner Game for mobile with EaselJS (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of my tutorial on How to create a Runner Game for mobile with EaselJS – in this part i’m going to cover the collision-detection between two objects in EaselJS.

Types of Collision Detection

There are several types of collision detection methods, I’m going to explain two of the most commong ways to detect a collision – if you want more/detailed information on the subject I would encourage you to google for it or try this article as an introduction to the topic.

1) Distance Based- or Circle-Collision

This is probably the simplest type of collision detection. What you basically have to do is to set a collision-radius for each object, then calculate the distance between the objects and see if the distrance is lower than the radii combined. However the following image shows, that this kind of detection won’t be suitable for our platform game:

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